Ultimate Big Chill
A10 Ultimate Big Chill
General Information
Species Evolved Necrofriggian (Solsthisapien)
Planet Kylmyys
Body Type Mothman
Powers Cryokinesis
Ice Flames
Underwater Breathing
Temperature Resistance
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Weaknesses Intangible Opponents
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
Debut Alan 10

Ultimate Big Chill is the evolved form of Big Chill.


Ultimate Big Chill

Ultimate Big Chill's appearance is drastically different from his unevolved counterpart. However, like said counterpart, his appearance is extremely similar to that of the Mothman. He is slightly hunched. His wings have changed shape to be somewhat like a bat's, and have black and aqua patterns. He has blue and aqua patterns on his arms from his wrists, up around his shoudlers, connecting the patterns of both arms. His hands are blue with aqua fingers. His blue and aqua patterns are on his legs as well. His head has changed shape, with his mouth resembling the mouth of a bug and being light blue, and he has completely circular, compoud eyes. He wears the Evolved Simplicitrix symbol on his stomach.

Negative Ultimate Big Chill

Negative Ultimate Big Chill is a dark orange-brown color with light orange patterns on his body.


  • Ultimate Big Chill can become intangible, manipulate ice, fly and breathe ice like Big Chill, but can create bright blue (bright orange for Richard) "ice flames." These flames are composed of a plasma that consumes the heat of whatever they touch and use that energy to burn. Both his breath and beams are stronger and colder, capable of instantly turning the air around his and his enemies into solid ice. In fact, his ice breath can be similar to blizzard winds.
  • Ultimate Big Chill can breathe or shoot blue flames from his hands that turn into ice when they hit a target. His form of ice freezes the enemy much faster than Big Chill's ice breath.
  • He can make large plasma blasts on the ground, which either freeze, damage, or both, as well as hurl fiery ice spikes at opponents from just above the ground.
  • By inhaling deeply, Ultimate Big Chill can lower the temperature of the air he breathes in, because he sucks the heat out of objects, freezes anything that happens to be in its path.
  • Ultimate Big Chill is a much faster flyer than Big Chill.
  • Like Big Chill, Ultimate Big Chill can also survive in a variety of environments, including the vacuum of space, extreme heat, intense cold, and deep oceans.


  • Ultimate Big Chill's intangibility is useless against opponents who can also turn intangible as their intangibility cancels out.
  • Ultimate Big Chill's wings are weak against electricity.


Episode Title Usage Used By Times Used Other
Alan 10 Ultimate Big Chill was used to try to slow down Dictator Agorm Hitmas' ship, alongside Ultimate Echo-Echo. Richard Nomaly 1 This was Ultimate Big Chill's debut.




  • Ultimate Big Chill's colors are that of regular Big Chill in the Ben 10 canon.
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