The RWBYA Adventures
The RWBYA Adventures
Series information
First Released TBA
Number of Episodes TBA
Genre Action/Adventure
Writers Alan
The RWBYA Adventures is an upcoming spin-off series of The Alan 10 Adventures. It is completely non-canon, and has no real correlation to the original RWBYA crossover, aside from potentially similar scenes (primarily those of which were in the canon RWBY series that ended up in RWBYA).


The RWBYA Adventures follows an alternate Alan Nomaly, one who "got bored" of his original universe and left it, eventually finding an alternate Earth-ERTH where he decided to stay. The series begins at the end of RWBY Volume 6, with Alan thrusting himself into the adventure of the main characters as a slightly alternate version of Volume 7's events play out.



  • Alan Nomaly
  • Ruby Rose
  • Weiss Schnee
  • Blake Belladonna
  • Yang Xiao Long
  • Jaune Arc
  • Nora Valkyrie
  • Lie Ren
  • Qrow Branwen
  • Oscar Pine
  • Maria Calavera
  • Professor Ozpin




Episode Title # Airdate Plot Writer
The Greatest Kingdom 1x1 6/8/2020
Finding himself in Earth-RMNT, an alternate Alan Nomaly thrusts himself into the adventures of Team RWBY and company. Alanomaly
A New Approach 1x2 7/4/2020 Alan fights with the Ace-Ops before reluctantly agreeing to comply with them. Alanomaly
Ace Operatives 1x3 TBA The heroes go on a mission to ensure the launch of the Amity Communications Tower. Alanomaly
A Night Off 1x4 TBA The General orders the heroes to take a night off to prepare for a new Atlas. Alanomaly
Worst Case Scenario 1x5 TBA Is it better to follow the orders of authority, or to find your own way through a situation? Alanomaly
Cordially Invited 1x6 TBA The results of the Atlas Council election results in secrets being revealed. Alanomaly
Out in the Open 1x7 TBA Tensions that rise in Mantle do so as well amongst the heroes. As above, so below. Alanomaly
The Enemy of Trust 1x8 TBA How far will you go to keep doing what's right? When does it become unclear what "right" is? Alanomaly


  • The Alan of this series takes on the appearance of the canon Alan after the events of RWBYA, albeit without Raijin. His Simplicitrix took on the gauntlet form by default and was never the watch form to begin with.
  • The original idea for a RWBYA-based spin-off was going to be a series called CMDY (pronounced "Comedy," a play on comedy gold) that would be a non-canon comedic spin-off based around if Alan never left Earth-ERTH, with each episode being titled like a RWBY team name. This idea was eventually scrapped when The Alan 10 Skits took the place of a comedic spin-off series, and this series was made instead.
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