The Alan 10 Adventures
Alan 10 Adventures Poster
Series information
First Released November 16, 2015
Latest Release May 29, 2020
Genre Action
Comedy Comedy? More like shitposting.
Writers Alanomaly
The Alan 10 Adventures is a series written by Alanomaly. It is a reboot of the Richard 10 franchise. The pilot episode, The Start of a New Adventure, debuted on November 16, 2015, and is set to have six seasons, each with ten episodes.


16-year-old Alan Nomaly obtains a strange device known as the Simplicitrix through strange means, being able to turn into ten different aliens. Now, alongside Alexis Dwyer, his childhood friend and 16-year old Succubus, work together to stop threats, including Alan's killer brother, Richard Nomaly.


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  • Alan's character is very similar to that of Deadpool in many ways:
    • Both of them wear black and red outfits.
    • Both of them have vulgar and sexual humor.
    • Both of them break the fourth wall on a regular basis.
  • The series has every character have color coded text.
  • Many characters and villains from the Richard 10 franchise were reused and repurposed for this series:
    • Richard was repurposed into Alan, as Alanomaly started going by Alan before writing the show.
    • Drahcir was changed to Richard, taking the name of the former main protagonist, and acts as the role of the evil twin.
    • E.V.O.lved Alien was repurposed into Gearo Morphanewal, which is his name in both franchises. Both versions of the character also created the protagonist's device, E.V.O.lved having created the Alpha-Omegatrix, and Gearo having created the Simplicitrix. In the Alan 10 franchise, he is responsible for Darama's mutation.
    • Jail-Berd was repurposed into Jail Berd, being utilized more in the Alan 10 franchise than in the Richard 10 franchise.
    • Dr. Ammunition was repurposed into Cerebronittion, now being a scientist who steals the powers of other species for his own purposes and creations.
    • General Mischife was repurposed into Troobel Mischife, who seems to have history with Cerebronittion.
    • Magistar Wopadoptar was repurposed into Mr. Wopadoptar, now being a school teacher.
    • Darama was repurposed from being a Vulpimancer with a translator to being a Vulpimancer mutated due to his DNA sample being taken for the Simplicitrix.
  • The only character to appear from the Ben 10 franchise who is not a Simplicitrix DNA sample is Starbeard.
  • Alan breaks the fourth wall to say that the series should have the genre "Shitposting."
  • The Alan 10 Adventures won the 2017 Ben 10 Fan-Fiction Omniverse Awards for best still-running series.

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