Starbeard official
General Information
Full Name Brutality (Male Personality)
Liberty (Female Personality)
Nicknames Starbeard
Species Celestialsapien
Planet Zvezda
Hair Color Black with white stars and outline
Eye Color White
Powers Omnipotence
Voice Actor Corey Burton
Kimberly Brooks

Starbeard is a Celestialsapien who first appeared in The Trial of Alan Nomaly.


Starbeard is a muscular Celestialsapien with a long beard and two spikes coming out of the sides of his head. He wears bluish-metallic bandages and shoulder pads. He has a staff in the same color of his armor, which has a bright, white orb between two spikes.

When merged with Un-Named, the black portion of Starbeard's body turned blue, and the white portion and stars turned orange, matching Un-Named color scheme. His armor also turned black and red.



  • Starbeard, as with Celestialsapiens and Omni Poti, possesses omnipotence.


  • Celestialsapeins and Omni Poti can defeat him, as shown when Un-Named merged with him and took control over him.



  • His name is a combination of "star" and "Blackbeard." It may also be a reference to "starboard."


  • He is the only character from the Ben 10 franchise to appear in The Alan 10 Adventures.
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