Stabilized Simplicitrix
Simplicitrix Gauntlet
General Information
Creator Alan Nomaly
User Alan Nomaly
Type DNA Alterer
Status In Use
The Stabilized Simplicitrix (also shorted to Simplicitrix) is a rebuilt version of the Simplicitrix made by Alan Nomaly in RWBYA.


The Stabilized Simplicitrix is a gauntlet rather than a watch. The arm portion is primarily black with red details and a black, handle-like construct. The hand portion is primarily black as well with the back of the hand being red and the fingers being black. The Simplicitrix's core resides in the center, operating on a mechanism that properly aligns the hourglass depending on what angle it's held at.


The Stabilized Simplicitrix has all the functions of the original Simplicitrix.

DNA Stabilizer

The primary difference between the Stabilized Simplicitrix and its original counterpart is it stabilizes Alan's human DNA. After Pyrrha rebuilt the original, the DNA of the Simplicitrix's database leaked into Alan's human form. The Stabilized Simplicitrix keeps the alien DNA from taking over, and keeps him from unintentionally using alien powers, as he has to make some hand gesture with the device before he can use any alien powers in his human form.


  • The Stabilized Simplicitrix was made using the remains of the original as well as scraps of metal found in the garage of the Xiao Long-Rose home. Alan used the powers of Lodestar, Brainstorm, Upgrade, and others in his human form to build it with what he had.
  • The Stabilized Simplicitrix's appearance is meant to be like that of the Dwarven Gauntlets from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In-universe, the game exists, so Alan did this deliberately when rebuilding it.
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