A10 Spidermonkey
General Information
Species Arachnichimp
Planet Aranhaschimmia
Body Type Four-Armed Monkey
Dragon Name Loxbodein
Powers Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Acrobatics
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Strength
Sticky Fur
Web Generation
Wall Scaling
Weaknesses Tangled Webs
Frozen Webs
Melted Webs
Debut Alan 10 Movie Logo

Spidermonkey is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of an Arachnichimp from the planet Aranhaschimmia.



Spidermonkey is an alien with four arms, three pairs of red eyes, two legs, three fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot, orange fur over a brown center, and a tail with two stripes near the tip. Spidermonkey's hair is flipped up, and he wears two red sashes going across his chest. The fur on his head has stripes. He wears the Simplicitrix in the center of his sash.

Negative Spidermonkey

Richard as Negative Spidermonkey looks exactly like Spidermonkey. However, his fur is blue. He wears white sashes that surround his Simplicitrix.

Emo Spidermonkey

Emo Spidermonkey has dark blue fur, and dark blue skin. He wears a tan Simplicitrix on his chest between his brown sashes.


  • Spidermonkey has the ability to expel webbing from his tail, which were once stated to be as strong as steel, however species with enough strength can tear it. He can shape these webs into slings, or to swing across vast distances.
  • Spidermonkey can stick to and scale vertical surfaces.
  • Spidermonkey has superhuman strength. He also has enhanced agility, and has enhanced hand-to-hand combat skills. He also has hearing superior to a human's.


  • Spidermonkey can get tangled by his own webs. Sometimes, villains can use Spidermonkey's webs to their advantage.
  • Spidermonkey's webs can be frozen and made brittle.
  • Spidermonkey's webs can be melted.


Episode Title Usage Used By Times Used Other
Alan 10

Spidermonkey was used to battle Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey.

Negative Spidermonkey was used to blend in with the Multi-Limb Army.

Alan Nomaly

Richard Nomaly

1 (Alan)

1 (Richard)


Goes Ultimate (Richard)

Faal Dovahkiin Bo Spidermonkey had an offscreen cameo to transition to Ultimate Spidermonkey. Alan Nomaly 1



Goes Ultimate




Dragon Name

Spidermonkey's dragon name is Loxbodein, which can be broken up into "Lox Bo Dein," meaning web move keep.

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