A10 Smack-Magic
General Information
Species Almushtaghalbialkimia'Alqadima (Alchimisapien)
Planet Plenum Metallo
Body Type Humanoid
Powers Alchemy
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Intelligence
Fourth Wall Awareness
Weaknesses Law of Equivalent Exchange
Debut Alan 10
Smack-Magic is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of an Almushtaghalbialkimia'Alqadima (also known as an Alchimisapien) from Plenum Metallo. He debuted in Alan 10.


Smack-Magic is a tall, muscular humanoid. His body is purple in color, and has many black alchemical symbols tattooed onto his upper body, save for his head. He wears a long red cloak, along with black pants and red boots, and a red belt that houses the Simplicitrix.

The visible alchemical symbols and their locations are:

  • The symbol for gold on his forehead
  • The symbol for lead on his chest
  • The symbol for iron on his left side, which is also the symbol for males/masculinity
  • The symbol for copper on his right side, which is also the symbol for females/femininity
  • The symbol for oil on his right forearm
  • The symbol for time on his left forearm


  • Smack-Magic is a master of alchemy, being able to change the structure of the environment around him at will. This allows him to have the advantage in almost any situation.
  • Smack-Magic possesses a great intellect, being able to understand the mechanics of magic with ease.
  • Smack-Magic has enhanced strength which can be implemented into his alchemy.


  • His alchemy powers are bound by the law of equivalent exchange. This means he must always work with what they have. He is unable to use alchemy in a vacuum such as space unless they have objects of matter around him. He is also unable to bring people back from the dead, as life has no equivalence.


Episode Title Usage Used By Times Used Other
Alan 10 Smack-Magic debuted to fix the giant diamond penis made by Diamondhead and destroyed by Echo-Echo. Smack-Magic later was used to create a dome around the first wave of the Multi-Limb Army for Negative Brainstorm to reverse the brainwashing. Smack-Magic later appeared to bind the Multi-Limb Army ships together, so that Brainstorm could undo their brainwashing as well. Alan Nomaly 1 This was Smack-Magic's debut.
The Annihilators Part 2 Smack-Magic appeared to fight the Annihilators, but was defeated by Techadon 59260. Alan Nomaly 1
Magnetic Personality Smack-Magic unintentionally cameoed when the Simplicitrix was used too early after Alan spent most of the episode trapped as Lodestar. Alan Nomaly 1 This was an unintentional cameo.


Season 2



  • Smack-Magic's name is a portmanteau of "Smack," due to him clapping his hands together to use alchemy, and "Black Magic," due to his powers of alchemy.
  • Smack-Magic's species name is a combination of the Arabic words "almushtaghal bialkimia' alqadima," which translate to "alchemist."
  • Smack-Magic's planet name is Latin and translates to "full metal."


  • His powers, planet, species, and appearance are all widely inspired by the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise. His cloak is inspired by Edward Elric's, and the tattoos are inspired by Scar. The rest of Smack-Magic's design is based on Martian Manhunter.
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