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General Information
Full Name Kontro
Nicknames Shadow
Species Umbris
Planet Schatten Frey
Hair Color Greyish-white
Eye Color Silver
Powers Possession via Shadows
Voice Actor TBA
Debut TAP1

Shadow, real name Kontro, is a character from The Alan 10 Adventures. He is an Umbris who debuted in The Annihilators Part 1.


Shadow is a dark, humanoid creature. He is about the height of a 12 year old human. He has long, smokey, greyish-white hair. His eyes are a glowing silver color. His clothes almost blend in with his skin.


Shadow traveled to the planet Terradino and used his powers to possess the former Vaxasaurian Ruler, Tyrex. While possessing him, he commanded a war on the Stelladactyls, a pterodactyl-like species which used to be allies f the Vaxasaurians. He imprisoned as many as possible, refusing to let them even leave the planet. After having imprisoned many Stelladactyls, he ordered the Vaxasaurians to fire a strange weapon at a group of them, as the Vaxasaurians evacuated Terradino.

This weapon charged up, and Shadow quickly sped out of Tyrex's shadow into the shadow of an evacuating Vaxasaurian, leaving just before the weapon fired. The energy of the weapon killed the Stelladactyls. During their deaths, their bodies were blown up by their own metamorphosis, which, in normal scenarios, would've simply caused them to change into their next form, but due to the circumstances of mass murder, their energies combined, destroying massive parts of the planet in the process of becoming a giant supernova, devouring the rest of the planet and Stelladactyls, and whatever Vaxasaurians were left, and the supernova blasted away the ship with the escaping Shadow. The motives of Shadow

As of the present, Excambalir has given Shadow the chance at redemption: If Shadow can help Excambalir apprehend Alan Nomaly, he can go free. Shadow is currently a member of the Annihilators.


Shadow's true personality doesn't show much. His motives are unknown and mysterious, fitting with his shadow-theme. He becomes the literal shadow of whoever he possesses, and forces his will by disguising as them.


  • Shadow debuted in The Annihilators Part 1, where his history was looked over by Excambalir and ElevenEleven. He was then recruited into the Annihilators to go to Eartha and apprehend Alan Nomaly.


  • Shadow can possess other people through merging with their shadows.





  • In the original Richard 10 canon, Shadow was Excambalir's lacky.
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