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General Information
Species Piscciss Volann (Argonisapien)
Planet Piscciss
Body Type Humanoid Angler Fish
Powers Steel-Bending Jaws
Sharp Teeth
Sharp Claws
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Underwater Respiration
Tail Formation
Glowing Lure
Agile Swimmer
Fourth Wall Awareness
Respirators (S2 Onward)
Weaknesses Necessity of Water (S1)
Broken Respirator (S2 Onward)
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore

Ripjaws is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Piscciss Volann (also known as an Argonisapien) from the planet Piscciss. He debuted in The Start of a New Adventure, and is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


Ripjaws is a pink alien who shares a number of traits with Earth's aquatic life, such as alligators, eels, anglerfish, and sharks. He can change between a fish tail or legs at will, and has a red phosphorescent light on his head. Ripjaws has red eyes, black arm and neck braces, and he has a big fin on his back. He wears the Simplicitrix on a red belt with a black stripe.

In Season 2 and onward, Ripjaws gets scale-like tattoos on his upper arms, forearms, upper legs, and across his upper chest and shoulders. The tattoos replace the markings on his chest/shoulders and forearms. His eyes also become more fish-like, being rounder and bulge out more. He also has a respirator around his neck.

Negative Ripjaws

Negative Ripjaws has the same bodily structure as Alan's Ripjaws. However, his skin is colored aqua, and his belt is white. He wears the negative Simplicitrix on his belt.

In Season 2 and onward, Negative Ripjaws gains tattoos and different eyes.

Greentrix Ripjaws

A version of Ripjaws currently known as Greentrix Ripjaws was released. Greentrix Ripjaws is a blue alien who shares a number of traits with Earth's aquatic life, such as alligators, eels, anglerfish, and sharks. He can change between a fish tail or legs at will, and has a green phosphorescent light on his head. Greentrix Ripjaws has green eyes, black arm and neck braces with green highlights, and he has a big fin on his back. He wears a green Simplicitrix with yellow paneling on a green belt with a yellow stripe.

Emo Ripjaws

Emo Ripjaws has Ripjaws' Season 2 build. His skin is a faded blue, and his fins are a faded green. He wears a tan Simplicitrix symbol on a brown belt.

Adult Ripjaws

Adult Ripjaws is much more rugged. His dorsal and elbow fins are much longer. His face is scrunched up, teeth are longer and sharper, has lips, and also has his original eyes back. Black markings go across his eyes. His lure is rounded more. All of his tattoos except the ones on his forearms are gone. He no longer wears a belt, and the lines on his tails are different. He wears a black respirator around his neck/chin area, which also rests on his shoulders/upper chest. This respirator has water that goes into his neck gills, allowing him to be used on land. The Simplicitrix resides on the chest part of his respirator.

Blue Al-Ternate Ripjaws

An Al-Ternate Ripjaws with blue eyes has been seen. He looks similar to Adult Ripjaws. However, his eyes are differently shaped and don't have black markings around them, and he has teeth sticking out of his upper lip. He has light blue skin and dark blue fins.


  • Ripjaws is able to breathe underwater, as well as swim at high speeds with amazing agility and can also withstand very strong water pressure. His angler light allows him to see in dark areas.
  • Ripjaws is strong and is able to lift more than his own weight. He can also easily punch a hole in a dock.
  • Ripjaws' large jaws and sharp teeth have proven to be his most deadly weapon, being able to shred even metal from submarines.
  • Ripjaws has great endurance and can withstand strong water pressure, meaning he possesses the nature of abyssal aquatic life, hence his blank eyes and the anglerfish light in his forehead, which can serve as a light in dark areas.
  • Ripjaws displays the distinctive feature of turning his legs into a fish's tail and vice-versa, giving him a merman-like appearance, while outside the water environment, he displays a loincloth with a similar pattern to his tail (implying the loincloth wraps around his legs, fusing with it and becoming the tail).
  • Ripjaws is able to fit a mass supply of objects in his mouth.
  • Due to Alan's abilities, Ripjaws has the ability of fourth wall awareness.
  • Adult Ripjaws possesses a respirator which allows him to be used on land.


  • Ripjaws' greatest weakness is his inability to stay out of water for too long, requiring water to keep him from dehydrating. However, Piscciss Volanns need less water as they get older, so the older Alan gets, the less water he needs. Adult Ripjaws bypasses this weakness with his respirator. However, this respirator can be broken.


Actual Appearances

Episode Title Usage Used By Times Used
The Start of a New Adventure Ripjaws was accidentally used when Alan was surprised by the Simplicitrix. Alan Nomaly 1
Alan & Alexis' Extraterrestrial Expedition Ripjaws was used to save Alexis from Dr. Gearo Morphanewal. Alan Nomaly 1
Learning the Ropes Ripjaws accidentally appeared to fight Jail Berd. Alan Nomaly 1
O' Brother, What Art Thou Ripjaws appeared to fight Negative ChamAlien. Alan Nomaly 1
A Scientific Fæble Ripjaws cameoed to fight criminals on a boat. He later appeared to save Alexis from Cerebronittion. Alan Nomaly 2
The Trial of Alan Nomaly Ripjaws unintentionally appeared to fight Starbeard. Alan Nomaly 1
Alan 10 Ripjaws cameoed to dance in the party. Alan Nomaly 1
Magnetic Personality Ripjaws was used to escape the cops and security guards that chased Alan after he wrecked a NASCAR race. Alan Nomaly 1
RWBYA Part 1 Ripjaws appeared when the Simplicitrix transformed Alan from Mongilla into him to keep him from drowning. Alan Nomaly 1

Powers Only

Episode Title Usage Times Used
RWBYA Part 3 Alan unintentionally used Ripjaws' lower body when his body was forcing him to use alien powers at random while human. 1


Alan Nomaly

Actually Used

Powers Only


  • According to A Scientific Fæble, Ripjaws is Transformation 7 in the Simplicitrix.
  • The tattoos Ripjaws gets in his second design resemble Aquaman's from the DC Extended Universe, and both Aquaman and Ripjaws wear their respective symbols on their belts.
  • The names Mole-Stache comes up with for him before deciding on his official name are Scaleyfins and Lightfish.
  • The season 2 design was made by Dio.
  • Ripjaws' alternate species name, Argonisapien, comes from the Argonians, a reptilian race with the ability to breathe underwater from The Elder Scrolls franchise.
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