HU Rath A10

A10 Rath S2

Rath A10 Char

General Information
Species Appoplexian
Planet Rabiado
Body Type Humanoid Tiger
Height ~9 feet
Powers Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Stamina
Sharp Claws
Shock Waves
Powerful Roar
Fourth Wall Awareness
Weaknesses Hardwired for Rage
Lack of Intelligence
Hephestan Neuro Grip
Sonic Frequency
Simplicitrix Placement Belt
Debut Alan & Alexis' Extraterrestrial Expedition
Rath is the Simplicitrix/Stabilized Simplicitrix's DNA sample of an Appoplexian from Rabiado. He debuted in Alan & Alexis' Extraterrestrial Expedition.


Rath is about nine feet tall. He resembles a yellow and white bipedal tiger with one silver claw coming out of each wrist. He has no tail. He is also muscular and has red eyes. He has stripes on his shoulders, head, legs and upper body. He has a white jaw, neck, chest plates, and hands. Rath has a red outfit similar to that of a luchador (a Mexican masked wrestler). His luchador outfit has a red and black color scheme. He also wears shoes, gloves, and a luchador mask. The Simplicitrix is on his luchador belt.

In Season 2, Rath no longer has the giant luchador belt buckle, and rather just has a regular belt. His gloves have also changed, no longer having any X-patters on them, and have red bands on them.

In Season 3, Rath becomes a lot more muscular, and his fur is a lot scruffier. His eyebrows are more horn-like in shape. His jaw no longer juts out as much. His eyes have also changed, having dark pupils and a light shine. His gloves have regained their X-patterns, but now stop just before they reach his hands, becoming wrist bands instead of gloves. His claws are now black. His boots only have one X-pattern, each.

Negative Rath

Negative Rath looks almost identical to Rath. However, his outfit has white instead of red, his luchador belt has black stripes and the buckle is completely black, his fur is blue and light blue, and his eyes are aqua. The Negative Simplicitrix is on his belt.

In Season 2, Negative Rath's appearances changes to fit Rath's, but with his negative color scheme. His light blue fur has changed to white fur as well.

In Season 3, Negative Rath follows suit with Rath's changes.

Mad Rath

Mad Alan's Rath has blue fur, blue eyes, and a hair style like Mad Alan's. He also has Mad lan's Mad Max style silver plates with blue spikes on his shoulders, lower arms, and calves. The Simplicitrix symbol is on a black panel on his chest and is blue orange. He is also slightly thinner than Alan's Rath.

Bluetrix Rath

A version of Rath currently known as Bluetrix Rath was released. He resembles a blue and green bipedal tiger with one pink claw coming out of each wrist. He has no tail. He is also muscular and has blue eyes. He has stripes on his shoulders, head, legs and upper body. He has a green jaw, neck, chest plates, and hands. Rath has an indigo outfit similar to that of a luchador (a Mexican masked wrestler). His luchador outfit has an indigo and black color scheme. He also wears shoes, gloves, and a luchador mask. He wears a blue Simplicitrix with a magenta panel on his luchador belt.

Emo Rath

Emo Rath has dark brown fur, paired with dark tan fur. His outfit is brown, and he wears a tan Simplicitrix symbol on his belt.


  • Rath possesses enhanced strength and agility, enabling him to jump great distances and lift objects heavier than himself.
  • Rath possesses a large, retractable black claw on each wrist. This claw can be used to stab and slice opponents or to create a shock wave when stabbed into the ground, as demonstrated in Through Your Eyes. Whenever Rath gets determined or angry, his claws seem to grow larger.
  • Due to Alan's abilities, Rath has the ability of fourth wall awareness.


  • Rath's brain is hardwired for aggression and as such, Rath's only known weakness is his lack of intelligence and highly aggressive temperament. This causes Rath to become easily distracted and difficult to stop once he starts fighting. However, Richard seems to not be as affected by this as Alan is.
  • Rath's apparent lack of intelligence also may convince him to needlessly argue with inanimate objects.
  • Rath can be subdued by the Hephestan Neuro Grip.
  • A certain sonic frequency signal is fatal to Rath.
  • Rath, being feline based, can be controlled by people that have the ability to control cats.
  • Rath was able to be knocked several feet away by Yang Xiao Long.


Actual Appearances

Episode Title Usage Used By Times Used
Alan & Alexis' Extraterrestrial Expedition Rath was used to finish off Dr. Gearo Morphanewal. Alan Nomaly 1
Five Nights at Tacopolis Rath cameoed to scare off the Tacopolis Animatronics. Alan Nomaly 1
The Smell of Victory is Sweet Rath cameoed to get himself and Alexis to Professor Emina's base. Later, Rath, while mind controlled, attacked Alexis, and, when not mind controlled, defeated Professor Emina. Alan Nomaly 2
O' Brother, What Art Thou Negative Rath was used to get Alan's attention. He was later used to go Ultimate. Richard Nomaly 2
A Scientific Fæble Rath was used to fight Jail Berd, and later threw some criminals in a dumpster. Alan Nomaly 2
Through Your Eyes Richard used Rath to jump down to where his goons were. Alexis used Rath to fight Envy. Richard Nomaly, Alexis Dwyer 1 (per person)
Darama Drama Rath was accidentally used when Darama mind controlled Alan. He later appeared, again accidentally, to save Alan's family. Alan Nomaly 2
The Trial of Alan Nomaly Rath was initially used to fight Gearo, but realized his powers were nullified. He later was used unintentionally to fight Starbeard. Alan Nomaly 2
Alan 10 Rath was used to fight Dictator Agorm Hitmas. He also went Ultimate. Alan Nomaly 1
Faal Dovahkiin Bo Rath, while drunk, attempted to fight Lord Harkon. Alan Nomaly 1
Magnetic Personality Mason used Rath to help Jessica (as Gutrot) break into the military base to save Lodestar's body. Mason Babadzhanov 1
RWBYA Part 1 Rath was used to enter the warehouse where Alan was being held. Richard Nomaly 1
RWBYA Part 3 Rath was used to blow off anger after Alan was enraged from losing again. Alan Nomaly 1

Powers Only

Episode Title Usage Times Used
RWBYA Part 3 Alan unintentionally used Rath's arm after transforming back to his human self, a side effect of the Simplicitrix's destruction and reconstruction.
Alan later went into a blind rage when Rath's anger affected him during his fight with Adam, causing him to kill Adam with Rath's claws.



Actually Used

Powers Only

  • RWBYA (2x, first time unintentional)





  • According to A Scientific Fæble, Rath is Transformation 10 in the Simplicitrix.
  • The Season 2 design was made by Dio.
  • Currently, Rath holds the title of most episodes used in, at twelve episodes, and also most times used, at nineteen times used.
    • If Alan using his powers only counts, then Rath was used twenty times.
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