RWBYA is a crossover special in The Alan 10 Adventures franchise. It takes place in the middle of the second season of The Alan 10 Adventures, and acts as an alternate end to RWBY.


Major Events

  • Alan meets the RWBY characters for the first time.
  • It is revealed Richard has been communicating and visiting with the villains of RWBY for some time.
  • Salem destroys the Simplicitrix. It is later rebuilt by Pyrrha, but revealed to be heavily damaged, causing Alan to use alien powers while human. It breaks again near the end but Alan rebuilds it as the Stabilized Simplicitrix.
  • Pride and Richard meet for the first time. Pride reveals that the remaining two Sin Aliens are an Appoplexian (Wrath) and Arburian Pelarota (Sloth).
  • Alan kills Richard.
  • Alan runs from home after having killed Richard.

Simplicitrix Debuts

Ultimate Form Debuts

Credits Scene 1

[Alan was seen wearing his old outfit, standing in a hotel room with Team RWBY. He brought his right hand to his left wrist as he slid Yang's Ember Celica gauntlet on. He lifted his arm, bending it at the elbow before moving his forearm down then up, causing the gauntlet to extend, the top opening up to reveal empty chambers where Dust bullets would otherwise be.]

Yang: Well?

Alan: I'm more used to slappy-wrist-weapons.

[Alan made the gauntlet retract before taking it off. He then grabbed Weiss' Myrtenaster, holding it elegantly in his hand. He then lifted it on the hilt by two fingers, admiring how it stayed on his hand.]

Alan: Perfectly balanced, as all things should be... It's kind of... Mesmerizing.

Weiss: [smug attitude] Just like its owner.

Alan: [nods] Just as unnerving, too.

Weiss: [smug attitude disappears] Hey!

[Alan shrugged and sat Myrtenaster down before picking up Blake's Gambol Shroud and looking at it quite confused.]

Alan: It's... a sword.

Blake: Take the sheath off.

Alan: [takes off the sheath, still confused] It's... Two swords. And a gun.

[Blake nodded. A loading icon appeared on Alan's forehead as he was somehow unable to comprehend what Gambol Shroud wa supposed to be. Shaking his head and putting Gambol Shroud back, he turned to Ruby's Crescent Rose, which was in its compacted form. Alan shrugged and went to pick it up, only for him to realize how heavy it was.]

Alan: What the fu-

[Alan continued pulling at the weapon, having no success in picking it up, much to the delight of the girls.]

Ruby: Come on, if I can pick it up and swing it around like it's nothing, surely you can.

Alan: HEY! ...Shut up.

[Alan continued in vain at lifting the weapon. Suddenly, he touched the part of the weapon that unlocked it, unintentionally sending it into scythe mode.]

Alan: Oh, fu-

[Alan was cut off by the scythe popping up and falling on him, knocking him to the floor, causing the huntresses to laugh even more.]

Alan: ...Fuck all of you. Honestly.




Earth-1799.A Characters

Credits Scene 2

[The scene opened back up on the heroes on the stolen jet to Atlas. Qrow was flying with Oscar riding shotgun. The rest of the heroes were in the back, except for Alan. The scene then panned up, showing Alan, as Spidermonkey, standing on the top of the ship, the wind blowing in his face, pushing his lips back to reveal his teeth and gums.]

[The scene changed to most everyone sleeping on the plane, save for Ren piloting with Nora in the passenger seat. Alan was in the floor, as a transformation known as Wolfaestus, a tan, wolf-like alien wearing two-tone brown armor., curled up asleep Blake, dozing off, leaned against Yang. With her legs crossed, one unintentionally slipped down, the boot on her foot landing on Wolfaestus' tail, causing him to roar out in pain, waking everyone up. He looked around embarrassed and then resituated himself, curling his tail in.]

[Next up, Alan was piloting, with a sleeping Jaune shotgun. Looking back, Alan noticed everyone asleep. He nonchalantly turned the wheel of the ship, and started flying upside down. Everyone was strapped in and their arms hanging down. It wasn't long before Weiss' eyes slowly opened, and she screamed loudly at the sight, waking everyone up, and causing Alan to look back in surprise.]

[Snickering and quietly laughing, Nora, Jaune, and Ren watched a sleeping Alan slap himself, a product of Pride controlling his sleeping body. Suddenly, the Ectonurite-controlled arm reached next to Alan, where Yang was. The three Team JNPR members went from laughing to shock and fear.]

Yang: [slowly waking up] What the...

[Punching and yelling was heard as the scene cut to a horizon view of the ocean below. Alan was seen falling towards the water.]


Aliens Used


By Alan

Actually Used
Powers Only

By Richard

Weiss' Glyphs

Velvet Scarlatina


By Alan

By Richard

Credits Scene 3

[The scene opened up in a neighborhood in the middle of the night, looking at a small, pale blue, quaint house. Inside, there were many religious decorations, such as crosses and pictures of religious figures. A clattering was heard in an upstairs room, with sounds of struggle being heard. The family who owned the house, sans the father, ran down the stairs. The mother looked towards the front door, but ran in the opposite direction, towards the closer backdoor. Suddenly, the ceiling above them caved in, and an odd creature's figure was seen within the smoke. The mother took the two children and ran in the other direction, and went into the basement. The father, carrying a shotgun, then ran down to the level where the creature was, and shot at it, causing it to flee. He then practically jumped down the entire flight of stairs to the basement, closing and locking the door, meeting up with his family there.]

Father: Is everyone here? Everyone okay?

[The kids were noticeably unharmed, physically, but were also obviously frightened.]

Mother: Aside from a few scares, yes.

[The father sat down with them, holding his son close.]

Father: We'll be okay. By God's grace... we'll be okay.

[A loud knock on the basement door, startling the family, and causing the children to whimper. The creature's demonic voice was heard.]

Creature: ⛥ L̴̺͊̍̌̍̕e̴̫͕̳͊͠ṯ̴̯͛́̃̍.̴͈͎̲̽̕ͅ.̴̯̿̀.̵͓̬̯͉̋̉́̕͠ ̵͉̩̊͌̒́̚m̶̺̈́͘e̶̻̘̅̊̾.̴̞̬͎̬̈͐̾.̶̩̰̦̘̺̋̒̌͆.̵̡̭̟̯͒̏ ̸̨̯͖̻̣̕ỉ̵̛̲̻̺̦̤̃̃n̵̼̋.̸̢͖͚̐͐

[The father held onto his child in one arm, and used his other hand to clench the cross necklace around his neck. He spoke loudly as the banging continued.]

Father: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name...

[The creature managed to bust open the door, knocking it off its hinges and down into the basement. The family could only see its shadow.]

Father: Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven...

[The creature sluggishly came down the stairs, sniffing for the family as he did.]

Father: Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors...

[The creature instantly turned to face the family as soon as this was said. The creature looked like a large snake with four oddly shaped legs, each having two large claw-like toes. The top half of its body was tan, while the bottom was dark brown. On either side of its face, it sported two red eyes that were perfectly circular and glowed as it approached them in the dark. The camera panned down, showing the glowing red hourglass of the Simplicitrix on his chest.]

Father: And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!

[As the father finished, the creature reached its front right foot up, and put it's claw on his mouth, as to shush him.]

Creature: ̶̼͔̪̼̟͆͘.̴̩͕̞́̀͝.̷̛͉̙̜̾́͋̆.̷̦͚̣͌͒̌͜T̸̗̲͛̉̓͒͜h̵͕͊̉̉̂̒a̵̘̘̋̂̅͆̔t̸̯̬̃̈ ̸͓̽̎̿͝w̴̫̪̤͝o̴̳̎͛̈͆n̶͙͉̩̹͂̐̾̽̚ͅ'̵̡͉̼̱̓̊̊̿͊t̵̻́̾̎̋͘͜ ̶͎̩̮̉̆ͅb̴̬͌͠ę̴̦̺́̎ ̶̡̳̦̹̿̎͑͝é̸̟̬n̸͉̯̙͖̜̋̓̈́ȍ̸̝̤͇̮̆û̶͔̐g̵̩̮̙̲̔̅͑͘͠h̷͙̪̳̼̐̔̕̚͜.̴̝͔̉́̐́̂ ⛧

[Everything went dark as the family's high pitched screams were heard, just barely covering the sounds of the creature eating away at the father's flesh.]

Allusions & Easter Eggs

  • Alan refers to Weiss as Marilyn Monroe when telling her the wind is blowing her skirt up as a reference to a famous picture of Monroe in which her skirt is blown upwards.
  • Ultimate Echo-Echo makes reference to Avengers: Infinity War when he snaps his fingers on his right hand to blast a Grimm into dust, following his statement of "You should have gone for the head." It doesn't help that he's purple.
  • Alan refers to Blake as Selina Kyle, the real name of Catwoman, in reference to Blake being a feline Faunus.
  • Alan refers to Ozpin as "Wizard of Oz," the character he was based on.
  • Alan refers to Ruby as Batwoman, a reference to the actress Ruby Rose who shares her name with Ruby. Batwoman and Ruby also both have black and red color schemes.
  • Golem-Eye contrasts his turrets to those of the Portal franchise, as his are rather difficult to get rid of, while those of Aperture Science are easily knocked over and subdued.
  • Golem-Eye mentions Shed 17, a 2-part Creepypasta video about the Thomas & Friends franchise when yelling at the train to come back.
  • When elaborating on his backstory, Alan says "Let's do this one last time," and a comic for the series pops up on screen. This is a reference to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
  • While Blamurai and Negative Clockwork travel through the wormhole to get to the RWBY universe (which is dubbed Earth-ERTH in this crossover), the two pass several numbers belonging to the Earth's of BTFF series:
    • Earth-775775: Age of the Unitrix
    • Earth-710010: Mig X
    • Earth-1063-E: E-10: Horizons
    • Earth-1010: Death of Ben 10Reboot RevolutionBen 10: Road Trip
    • Earth-2018: Ben 10: Time's End
    • Earth-68: John Smith 10
    • Earth-83: Tech 10
    • Earth-1100: The Rebootedverse (Sif 100: The Rebooted SeriesThe Legend of Mig, Richard 10: Journey into the EndShield of Justice)
    • Alan also looks back to see Earth-1799.A, which is his own universe. This is the first time in the series in which this universe has been recognized by its name.
  • Alan refers to Emina and Envy as the comedy duo Abbott and Costello.
  • The fight between Negative Way Big and Mongilla is simlar to that of a Japanese Kaiju fight in the Godzilla franchise, only helped by Way Big's similarities to Ultraman and Jet Jaguar, and Mongilla's similarities to Godzilla.
  • Alan sings the song Do You Wanna Build a Snowman from Disney's Frozen, referencing Weiss' nickname "ice queen" which is also used to describe Elsa.
  • Alan uses the powers of Heatblast, Big Chill, Fasttrack, Swampfire, and Ghostfreak to emulate the Semblances of Team RWBY:
    • His hair lights on fire with Heatblast's fire and his eyes become red similar to Yang when using her Semblance.
    • He creates an ice path with Big Chill similar to Weiss' glyphs.
    • He uses Fasttrack's speed while leaving behind Swampfire's petals to emulate Ruby's speed.
    • He uses Ghostfreak's intangibility in a similar manner to Blake's shadow clones.

Credits Scene 4

[The scene opened up in the Cotta-Arc home, where Adrian was seen on the floor, playing with a toy plane. Alan sat down to be eye level with him.]

Alan: Alright, little-child-boy. I've been put in charge. Now, I don't want an-

[Alan was cut off by Adrian reaching out and grabbing his nose, causing his voice to become nasally.]

Alan: Not. Funny.

[Despite Alan's claim, Adrian laughed, causing Alan to get more annoyed. Gently, Alan pulled Adrian's hand away from his nose.]

Alan: Alright, how about I keep you distracted?

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix, turning into a small, green bug with four legs, a large crest on his head, a spherical mouth, and the Simplicitrix on a neck brace. He then spat out a small red ball.]

Ball Weevil: There. A safe, non explosive ball. A rarity, honestly.

[Ball Weevil transformed back as Adrian took the goo ball. Alan laid on the couch, only for his attempt at relaxation to be interrupted by Adrian throwing the ball onto his head. Alan was muffled beneath the goo, but visibly panicking as he was unable to breathe. Despite his flailing, Alan managed to successfully change into Nanomech, causing the goo ball to fall to the ground and splatter. Nanomech turned back, breathing heavily.]

Alan: Okay, obviously you wanna play, so let's play.

[Alan changed into Ditto and duplicated.]

Ditto: We'll go hide and you find us.

[The Ditto's ran off and Adrian chased after them. Later, Adrian was seen getting a ride on Wildmutt's back through the house. Adrian looked at himself in the mirror as a mess of light red hair made its way up to and in front of his face, changing into different styles of beards and mustaches, with Mole-Stache controlling it off to the side. A few hours later, Terra and Saphron returned. They went into Adrian's room, and were surprised to see a large hammock made of pale red bandages in the room. In the hammock was a sleeping Alan with the sleeping baby Adrian on his stomach. The two wives just smiled before heading back downstairs.]

Fourth Wall Breaks

  • Alan breaks the fourth wall when saying the RWBY characters look "like main characters."
  • Alan breaks the fourth wall when mentioning Richard's absence in Season 2.
  • Weiss semi-breaks the fourth wall when calling Alan a "wall breaker."

Credits Scene 5

[Alan was walking down the streets of Vacuo wearing his original outfit. As he walked, he was snapping his fingers to an absent beat. Passing by people, he started making finger guns at them nonchalantly, causing them to become weirded out. As he approached a soup store to buy clothes in, he stepped down on his left foot before sliding his right foot towards it, turning to his side. He saw two girls that were walking behind him, and he shot them finger guns as well before cockily walking into the store. Not long after, he walked back out wearing his new RWBYfied outfit. He clapped his hands in the air before dancing like a fucking jackass with his arms swinging in the air and his pelvis thrusting. He then walked away, passing some other citizens.]

Passerby: [whispering] Asshole.


  • The title, RWBYA, is a continuation of the title of RWBY, which comes from Team RWBY (pronounced as Ruby, after the leader of the team) in the show, as the team is comprised of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. This adds Alan onto the end of the team name, just for this special.
    • However, Team RWBY's members are associated with colors that start with the letters of their names (Ruby is red, Weiss is white, Blake is black, Yang is yellow), where as Alan starts with A and is associated with red, which starts with R.
    • Interestingly, Richard's name starts with R, and is associated with aqua, which starts with A, being even more of a backwards counterpart to his brother.
    • The title of the special is pronounced "rubia," which is the Spanish word for "blonde," meaning it fits into the name rule that the team names must be a color or make one think of a color, albeit unintentional.
  • A teaser for RWBYA was released on October 1, 2019.
  • This is the first installment of The Alan 10 Adventures to:
  • To make writing easier, RWBYA was broken up into "chapters" for each section.
    • Part 1 is four chapters: Beginning, Alan and Team RWBY, Finding Cinder, and Let's Do This One Last Time.
    • Part 2 is three chapters: Getting to Atlas, Getting the FUCK Out of Atlas, and Simplicitrix's Destruction.
    • Part 3 will be the remaining five chapters.
      • Chapter 1 was titled Going Back in Time.
      • Chapter 2 was titled Of Relics and Maidens. This was in reference to the Ben 10/RWBY fanfic, Of Gemstones and Watches.
      • Chapter 3 was titled Adam.
      • Chapter 4 was titled Final Battle.

Credits Scene 6

[The scene opened up in what appeared to be a desert, the sky having an orange tint to it. The camera panned around, and there was a large city in what appeared to be a glass sphere. There was a hooded figure standing at the border of the desert and a red field. The figure began walking towards the city. Inside the city, the figure was standing in an office-like room with several other people. The others were wearing red robes, lined with gold material. The robes also had gold fixtures that went behind their heads in a semi-circle shape. One of the people stepped forward.]

Person 1: Kneel before your Lord President.

[The hooded figure kneeled down.]

Lord President: You wish to leave your human life and join the Time Lords. There are many rules that this would break. [sighs] But… Seeing as how you already have a TARDIS, anyways… It appears we haven’t much of a choice. If you become Time Lord, the memories your family and friends have of you will be erased, and a Gallifreyan family will be your adoptive guardians until you become older. You will take on a title of your choice, and you will be given a regeneration cycle. The cycle will begin by resetting your body, giving you the physiology of a Gallifreyan. Do you accept these terms?

[The hooded figure nodded.]

Lord President: Stand, and give your requested name.

[The hooded figure stood up, and removed his hood. The camera slowly panned around, and the figure was revealed to look like Alan, with shorter hair and no beard.]

Figure: The Agent, Lord President.

Lord President: Very well. [steps to the side] You’re a bit old to have you joining the academy, and you’ve already traveled enough to not need to go, and also to not need to be exposed to the Untempered Schism.

[Another Time Lord stepped forward, this one holding a bronze container with a gold, glowing liquid inside. The Time Lord handed it to the Agent.]

Lord President: Drink this, and your life as a human will end, while your lives as a Time Lord shall begin.

[The Agent opened the container, and poured the glowing liquid into his mouth. Once finished he dropped the container, and his hands and face began glowing golden. Energy began shooting out from his body as it changed. His hair grew longer and he also grew facial hair. The energy stopped and he was breathing heavily.]

Lord President: Small side effect of going from human to Time Lord. You’ve aged about four years. But with the physiology of a Time Lord, age is not something you need worry about most of the time.

[The Agent felt his hair and beard, then looked at the Lord President.]

Agent: So, what’s this supposed to mean? What do I do now?

Lord President: What you always do. Travel. But never, and I mean never, interfere with the affairs of those you meet. Like I’ve said, there are rules, and that’s one of them. Now go. We’ve business to attend to.

[The Agent nodded then walked off.]

Deep, English voice: You know telling him there are rules will just make him break them.

[The Lord President turned around. There was an older man standing behind him, wearing a full black outfit comprised of suit pants, a suit jacket, and a button up shirt.]

Lord President: Yes, as evidenced by your presence here, in your own timestream, Agent.

Older Agent: Wouldn’t be the first time. Just needed to be sure things in the past go as intended.

Lord President: Do you not trust us?

Older Agent: It’s a mutual distrust. I would say I’ll be back, but that is impossible.

Lord President: What? Why?

Older Agent: Spoilers.

[The older Agent walked off in the opposite direction of the younger Agent, and then the scene ended.]

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