General Information
Full Name Prelinge
Status Unknown
Occupation Criminal
Alignment Evil
Species Polymorph
Planet Viscosia
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red
Powers Shapeshifting
Acidic Slime
Slime Projection
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility
Weaknesses Anti-Gravity Projector
Spun at Super Speeds
Equipment Anti-Gravity Projector
The Mask of Egurra
Voice Actor Tom Hardy
Debut The Annihilators Part 2

Prelinge is a Polymorph criminal from Viscosia, and is Morpheus' nemesis. He first appeared in The Annihilators Part 2, and is voiced by Tom Hardy.


Prelinge is a bulky, top heavy Polymorph. His body is mostly yellow, with red blobs inside of it. He wears a white mask with two grey tubes coming off the bottom on either side, and one out of the top, meeting in the back. This mask is his anti-gravity projector.


  • Prelinge has a history with Morpheus, but the exact details are unknown.
  • Prelinge debuted in a flashback in The Annihilators Part 2, where he was seen successfully stealing the Mask of Egurra. He was almost stopped by Morpheus, but Morpheus' reluctancy to use his full power led him to being frozen in time by Prelinge, successfully framing him for having stolen the mask. Prelinge then disappeared with the mask.
  • As he is more than likely travelling through time, Prelinge's current status is unknown.


  • Prelinge has all the powers of his species.
  • Prelinge's anti-gravity projector has been merged with the Mask fo Egurra, giving it temporal abilities as well.


Prelinge has all the weaknesses of his species.


  • Prelinge's mask is similar to that of Bane's from The Dark Knight Rises, in terms of appearance, and the fact that both masks are vital to those who wear them. This is also why Tom Hardy was chosen as the voice actor for Prelinge.
  • Prelinge's art was made out of a prototype for Gluto.
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