Maklar Ampalon
Maklar Ampalon
General Information
Full Name Maklar Ampalon
Species Urbsuid
Planet Tintenstadt
Eye Color Gold
Powers Tentacles
Durable Armor
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Acrobatics
Voice Actor TBA
Debut TAP1

Maklar Ampalon is a character in The Alan 10 Adventures. He is an Urbsuid who debuted The Annihilators Part 1.


Maklar is a light peach, humanoid fish-like alien. He has four, yellow tentacles coming off of his back. He wears black and orange armor, with silver decals, and has golden eyes.


Despite growing up in the prime of technological advancement on Tintenstadt, Maklar resented technology. This resentment caused him to travel to a hidden and abandoned cave. This cave housed the remaining Agritortures, the former predators of his species. After luring them out, there seemed to be enough to destroy a significant amount of cities.

As of the present, Excambalir has given Maklar the chance at redemption: If Maklar can help Excambalir apprehend Alan Nomaly, he can go free. Maklar is currently a member of the Annihilators.


Maklar absolutely hates technology, going so far to have murdered several of his own kind by releasing his species' predator into the world. However, he also seems to be cautious, telling everyone to get off Cilocub's back before they become his next "accident," and also intelligent, as seen by his way of escaping the Agritortures and causing them to run into the cities instead of killing him.


  • Maklar Ampalon debuted in The Annihilators Part 1, where his history was looked over by Excambalir and ElevenEleven. He was then recruited into the Annihilators to go to Eartha and apprehend Alan Nomaly.


  • Maklar has extremely durable, orange armor. He also has shown enhanced agility, and is quicker than a human.
  • Maklar has four tentacles on his back that can stretch. This allows him to reach far places and also allowed him to swing up and out of the way of the Agritortures as they ran by.





  • In the original Richard 10 canon, Maklar is a Xamproilian from Xamproil, and was Richard's partner, similar to Rook Blonco being the partner of Ben Tennyson in Ben 10: Omniverse. His armor was purple and his skin was lavender. He was also enemies with Excambalir.
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