Lord Mitos
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General Information
Full Name Lord Mitos
Species Splixson
Planet Hathor
Eye Color Burgundy
Powers Self Duplication
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Underwater Respiration
Enhanced Digging
Enhanced Speed via Cloning
Voice Actor TBA
Debut TAP1

Lord Mitos is a character in The Alan 10 Adventures. He is a Splixson who debuted in The Annihilators Part 1.


Lord Mitos, like most Splixsons, has white skin. He has orange and balck royal looking clothing and burgundy eyes. Like all Splixsons, he has fins on his head. His fins are orange and are in a crown-like shape.


Lord Mitos is the former Lord of Hathor. While Splixsons don't naturally have more than two arms, the accumulated number of arms they have when duplicated caused them to be respected by, and therefore saved from, Dictator Agorm Hitmas and his Multi-Limb Army. That, and Lord Mitos had given him supplies and also clones, which Dictator Hitmas could use to mutate into one of four species to strengthen their numbers. An unknown source tipped off Starbeard about this, and Lord Mitos was apprehended.

As of the present, Excambalir has given Lord Mitos the chance at redemption: If Lord Mitos can help Excambalir apprehend Alan Nomaly, he can go free. Lord Mitos is currently a member of the Annihilators.


Lord Mitos seems somewhat arrogant of his former royal position, so far as to act as if Starbeard's claim of him supporting Dictator Hitmas was ridiculous. He also seems somewhat impatient, as he warned Dictator Hitmas not to wear his patience thin by constantly having to get clones for the army. His arrogance also made him think the Multi-Limb Army was still going strong, only for Excambalir to inform him of the fall of it.


  • Lord Mitos debuted in The Annihilators Part 1, where his history was looked over by Excambalir and ElevenEleven. He was then recruited into the Annihilators to go to Eartha and apprehend Alan Nomaly.


Lord Mitos has all the powers of a Splixson.


Lord Mitos has all the weaknesses of a Splixson.



  • Lord Mitos was not in the original Richard 10 canon. Rather, he was to be in the Rebootedverse canon, in Richard 10: Journey into the End.
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