A list of transformations confirmed to be in the Simplicitrix.


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  • The Simplicitrix contains almost every DNA sample within the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 franchise. Only two aliens from the canon to not be in the Simplicitrix have been given canon reasons.
    • The Worst is not in the database. The history of Barragians and their planet, Gincarterria II, makes no mention of the Atrocians, implying they never existed to begin with.
    • Upchuck is not in the database. At some point before the Simplicitrix could gain a sample, Gluttony devoured the entire planet and its people.
    • At one point, Atomix, Feedback, and Astrodactyl weren't going to be added, the latter two even having their species destroyed. However, the two were later shown to be in the database, their destruction happening after their DNA was sampled.
    • A Segmentasapien exists within the database, but this is solely to have an Imperfect of Bloxx because fuck him. Bloxx himself won't be used, obviously.
  • Intimachi has Alan's appearance due to the DNA of humans and the DNA of the Incubus being extremely similar. If Alan was to use a Time Lord transformation, the same thing would happen, at least, for the first incarnation of the transformation.
    • Most other species in the database would follow this as well. However, they will at least get more unique outfits rather than just Alan's regular one like that of Intimachi.
  • The Cataclysm and Endgame playlists were inspired by the Powerhouse playlist from 5 Years Later.
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