Jessica Nietzsche
Alan 10 - Jessica Battle Armor
General Information
Full Name Jessica Nietzsche
Status Alive
Born August 5, 1999
Occupation Hero
Alignment Good
Species Human
Planet Earth
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Voice Actor Jessica Nigri
Debut LTR

Jessica Nietzsche is the love interest of Alan Nomaly in The Alan 10 Adventures. She is voiced by Jessica Nigri.

In season one, Jessica is sixteen. For the first half of season two, Jessca is seventeen, and is eightteen during the second half.


Jessica has light and bright blonde, almost white hair, which parts on the left towards the right and is about chest-length. She has big hazel eyes. She is a little shorter than Alan and a little taller than Alexis. She usually wears a navy t-shirt, black pants, black converse, and a green hoodie. Sometimes she'll wear a hat and wear the hood at the same time.

Her Tacopolis uniform consists of her usual pants and shoes, but with an orange polo with a red colar and stripe on the right side, an orange hat with a red bill, and a nametag on the left side of her shirt.

Her picture in her template consists of her wearing a blue Deadpool uniform, with the Deadpool face on grenades and belt being replaced with blue Simplicitrix symbols.


Jessica so far has shown to be very kind-hearted and positive minded, having told Alan she thinks he's a "good weird" and even becoming overjoyed when he and Alexis said they'd vouch for her if she was questioned by her boss at Tacopolis. She also seems to be rather enthusiastic as she was confident that Alan and Alexis would get jobs at Tacopolis.


  • Jessica has not been shown to have any powers. However, when wearing the suit that Alan made for her in Alan 10, she is skilled with weapons such as katanas, guns, grenades, etc. When she wears the suit in full, it is nearly impenetrable.





  • Her name is based upon two real people:
    • Her first name comes from Jessica Nigri, a cosplayer who is Alanomaly's celebrity crush, explaining why her character is the love interest.
    • Her last name comes from Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher Alanomaly shows much interest in. Nietzsche was also mentioned in the first episode Jessica appeared in. The name "Nietzsche" was also used to name Alan's Squirtle, and later, Wartortle, in his Pokemon FireRed playthrough.
  • As of The Trial of Alan Nomaly, she is in a relationship with Alan. This is also the episode where she became a main character.
  • Jessica Nigri was chosen as Jessica's voice actress due to the character being based on the real Jessica.
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