Humungousaur Clock

Humungousaur Clock 10K

General Information
Species Vaxasaurian
Planet Terradino
Body Type Humanoid Stegosauride
Powers Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Powerful Roar
Tail Weapon Generation
Size Alteration
Weaknesses Strength Limit
Large Stature
Other Forms Humungousaur
Voice Actor David Kaye
Debut Clock 10,000
Humungousaur is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vaxasaurian from the planet Terradino.


Clock 10

Humungousaur is approximately 12 feet tall. His body is somewhat humanoid and muscular with two arms and two legs. His legs are shorter than his arms. He has elephant-like feet and a lengthly lizard-like tail. His armored hide is indigo, with minor plating on his shoulders, tail, back, arms, and upper legs. He has a pale blue chest, abs, inner arms, and lower jaw. He has three fingers and a thumb on each hand and three grey, elephant-like toes on each foot. His knee caps and finger joints also bulge out.

His square-like head is mostly hunched forward and the cyan area of his neck is wrinkled. Both his lower jaw and brows are protruding while his almost human-like nose appears to be squished inward. His lips are black and have wrinkles. His teeth are yellowed and minorly fanged. He also has two bright blue eyes with thick black outlines. His tail has a mace on it, and he has dark grey plates going down his back.

Humungousaur wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Clock 10,000

Adult Humungousaur has a somewhat different body shape, as well as pale blue markings on his indigo hide. His tail lacks a default weapon, indicitive of him being able to swap out the weapon. He has light blue eyes. His plates down his back are missing, but show up when he adjusts his size.


  • Humungousaur possesses incredible strength.
  • He possesses a thick, armored hide, which has proven to be durable enough to withstand blaster fire and heavy impacts.
  • Humungousaur's tail is capable of rearranging his bone and cartilage into a wide array of weapons. However, this takes practice to do so proficiently.
    • Albedo was shown being able to do this, changing the mace into a sword.


  • Humungousaur has a limit to his strength.
  • Being as large as he is, Humungousaur has a difficult time in tight spaces and is a large target.
  • Humungousaur is weak to electricity.


Episode Title Usage Used By Times Used
Clock 10,000 Humungousaur appeared to battle Dr. Animo, as well as tie Wildvine's legs together to keep him out of the way. Clock 10,000 1
Hippocra-10 Humungousaur was used twice to fight Kevin 11,000. Clock 10,000 2
Clock 10 Returns Humungousaur was used to fight the DNAliens and stop the HIghbreed ship. Clock 10 1
All That Glitters Humungousaur was used to keep the highway from falling. Clock 10 1
Paradox Humungousaur appeared to fight the trans-dimensional monster after being given crystal armor by Crystallo. Clock 10 1
Plumber's Helpers Humungousaur incapacitated Manny and Helen. Clock 10 1
X = Clock + 2 Humungousaur was used to fight the Incurseans. Clock 10 1
Good Copy, Bad Copy Negative Humungousaur broke into the Forever Knight castle to chase Big Chill, then was almost defeated by Echo-Echo.
Humungousaur failed to fight Negative Goop, and then was knocked away by Negative Chromastone.
Clock 10


Clock 10

Clock 10,000



  • Humungousaur was added to his debut episode to tease more aliens to come than just the three the original canon version had.
  • Humungousaur's following uses were almost identical to those of their respective canon versions:
    • Clock 10 Returns
    • All That Glitters
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