General Information
Species Citrakayah
Planet Chalybeas
Body Type Humanoid Feline
Dragon Name Nelfarkaaz
Powers Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Stamina
Sharp Spikes
Weaknesses Slowing Down
Slower Than XLR8
Simplicitrix Placement Chest
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
Debut Alan 10

Fasttrack is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Citrakayah from Chalybeas.



Fasttrack is a feline-like alien with a black suit-like color scheme. His hands, legs, part of his head, and chest are colored white. He has spikes on his hands and legs. He also has black Wolverine mask-like fins around his red eyes. He has a triangle-shaped nose, and a thunderbolt-like design down his chest. Fasttrack wears the Simplicitrix symbol on his chest.

Negative Fasttrack

Richard as Negative Fasttrack looks exactly the same as Fasttrack. However, his black and white pattern is reversed, and his eyes are aqua.


  • Fasttrack has enhanced speed and agility.
  • Fasttrack has enhanced strength.
  • Fasttrack is capable of jumping to great heights whilst running.
  • Fasttrack is shown to have good reflexes.
  • The blade-like structures on his arms and legs could also be used as weapons to cut and tear when running past someone at a fast pace.
  • Due to Alan's abilities, Fasttrack has the power of fourth wall awareness.


  • Fasttrack, if running fast enough, has a hard time stopping.
  • Fasttrack, despite having super speed, is slower than XLR8.


Actual Appearances

Episode Title Usage Used By Times Used
Alan 10 Fasttrack was used by Richard to get to and from Alan's meeting point, and also to get away from Dictator Hitmas' ship. Richard Nomaly 3
The Annihilators Part 1 Fasttrack was used to get to the Annihilators at the end of the episode. Alan Nomaly 1
The Annihilators Part 2 Fasttrack was used to fight the Annihilators. Alan Nomaly 1
Faal Dovahkiin Bo Alan used Fasttrack to search for his copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
Richard used Negative Fasttrack to leave Alan's home.
Alan Nomaly
Richard Nomaly
RWBYA Part 1 Alan used Fasttrack to get all of the RWBY characters safely in the train before they reached the tunnel, initially failing to save Blake but getting her after the fact regardless. Alan Nomaly 2
RWBYA Part 3 Fasttrack was used as one of the many aliens to overwhelm Cinder Fall with the power she was absorbing.
Velvet Scarlatina used Fasttrack with her copy of the Simplicitrix to speed away from some Grimm.
Alan Nomaly
Velevet Scarlatina
1 (Alan)
1 (Velvet)

Powers Only

Episode Title Usage Times Used
RWBYA Part 3 Alan used Fasttrack's powers to run away from Blake, Yang, and Raven Branwen after realizing he killed Adam Taurus. He later used Fasttrack's powers several times in the final battle, alteranating with XLR8. 3
Paging Mr. Nomaly Alan tries to use Fasttrack's speed to run away, but gets caught by Pride's tentacles. 1



Actual Appearances

Powers Only


Dragon Name

Fasttrack's dragon name is Nelfarkaaz, which can be broken up into, "nel far kaaz," meaning fast track cat.


  • Fasttrack is one of five aliens to have his dragon name be a literal translation of his own name with an extension.
  • Fasttrack is the first alien to be the only alien to appear in an episode, having been the only alien to appear in The Annihilators Part 1.
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