General Information
Full Name TBA
Nicknames Envy
Status Alive
Occupation Richard's right hand man
Alignment Evil
Species Splixson
Planet Hathor
Hair Color None
Eye Color Green
Powers Self Duplication
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Underwater Respiration
Enhanced Digging
Enhanced Speed via Cloning
Weaknesses Low Strength
Connected Clones
Voice Actor Wendy Powell
Debut The Start of a New Adventure (voice only)
O' Brother, What Art Thou (onscreen debut)

Envy is a Splixson from the planet Hathor. He works with Richard Nomaly and Professor Emina, and previously worked with Jail-Berd, Dr. Gearo Morphanewal, Troobel Mischife, and Cerebronittion. Envy's real name is currently unknown.


Evny is a light teal and black Splixson. He has dark green sensory nodes, three on his waist, one on his chest, and one on his forehead. These sensory nodes are tipped green. He has darker teal fins, and markings of the same color on his chest.


Envy, as his name suggests, is envious of others. He has a somewhat taunting personality, trying to diminish how others feel with the goal of making himself feel better. An example of this is when he taunted Alexis for not knowing how to operate the Simplicitrix in Through Your Eyes.



  • Envy has all the powers of a Splixson, and primarily uses them to speed around.


  • Envy has all the weaknesses of a Splixson.



  • Envy's voice actress is the same as the voice actress for Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
  • Envy was the first Sin Alien to be revealed.
  • Envy's greenish color scheme is a reference to "green with envy."
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