Devin Lorenzo

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Devin Amperi

General Information
Full Name Devin Lorenzo
Status Alive
Occupation Hero
Alignment Good
Species Human (Formerly)
Amperi (currently)
Planet Earth
Hair Color Brown (Formerly)
Eye Color Brown (Formerly)
Powers N/A
Voice Actor David Kaye
Debut Learning the Ropes

Devin Lorenzo is a supporting character in The Alan 10 Adventures. He is voiced by David Kaye.

In season one, Devin is sixteen. For the first half of season two, Devin is seventeen, and is eightteen during the second half.


Devin is slightly taller than Alan. He has brown hair and light brown eyes. He wears a black jacket with orange on the outer part of the sleeves, orange cuffs, and orange on the shoulders and collar. He wears blue jeans and black boots.

As an Amperi, Devin's body is that of an Amperi, being a jellyfish-like being, with six limbs and three hood-like structures making up his body. His body is a pale orange with orange markings. His eyes are also orange.




  • Devin's Amperi design is based on that of Ra'ad/AmpFibian from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.
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