Character Short: Mason Babadzhanov
CS Mason Babadzhanov
Episode information
Release date July 7, 2020
Number 2
Writer(s) Alanomaly
Previous Devin Lorenzo
Next Alexis Dwyer
Other information
Alien Debuts Snot Goblin
Character Short: Mason Babadzhanov is the second character short of The Alan 10 Adventures.


[Mason sat in a room of the basement, balancing on his tail. He suddenly jumped up and flipped around, pointing his tail up to the ceiling before firing off a web to the ceiling and then using it to spin around, hitting several green, goopy creatures. Another came at him, and he grabbed it with a web before slinging it against a wall, splattering it. One shaped like a horse charged him, only for him to trap it in webs and then punch its head off. He heard a snarling from behind him, and turned to see Alan as the small, green Snot Goblin, attempting to communicate.]

Mason: ...You know I can't understand you, right?

[Snot Goblin let out a gurgled grumble before tapping the Simplicitrix, transforming back.]

Alan: You're doing really well with those powers.

Mason: It makes sense, I've had them for a few years. Wouldn't it make more sense at this point for me to train you with Spidermonkey? Or Devin with AmpFibian?

Alan: As interesting as it would be, I don't see much of a point. I've got a fairly decent grasp of their powers, plus you two are here. You don't see Alexis training me with Intimachi.

Mason: On the contrary, I think she's trained you quite a bit.

Alan: Shut the fuck up.

[Mason chuckled before his face dropped.]

Alan: Something on your mind?

[Mason had a quick flashback to his discussion with Devin regarding the latter's morning routine every month, then shook his head.]

Mason: Nothing, just... Give me something more to work with. Not every enemy is going to be a soft, snot monster.

[Alan smirked then hit the Stabilized Simplicitrix core, changing into Spidermonkey and prompting a confused look from Mason.]

Mason: You taking me up on the Spidermonkey offer?

Spidermonkey: That wasn't really what I had in mind.

[Spidermonkey hit the Simplicitrix again, and Mason's look changed from confusion to slight fear as he saw him become Ultimate Spidermonkey. Ultimate Spidermonkey threw several punches at Mason, the latter dodging each and then sliding under the Ultimate alien and then jumping onto the wall. He then jumped towards Ultimate Spidermonkey only to be knocked back.]

Ultimate Spidermonkey: Something's distracting you. Cliche as it may be, your mind needs to be cleared.

Mason: Can't exactly do that right now. Smoking weed in the middle of a fight isn't convenient. Unless you want to turn into that nicotine shark.

Ultimate Spidermonkey: That would give Reeferider some use for once. Might actually be a good idea, to be ho-

[Ultimate Spidermonkey was interrupted as webbing hit his face. Mason used the rope of the webbing to fling himself at Ultimate Spidermonkey and knock him back, bouncing off of him and onto the ground. Ultimate Spidermonkey became human again and pulled the webbing off, groaning while getting up.]

Alan: ...Lucky shot.

Mason: Trust me when I say that was strategy and not luck. My weakness is relying on a drug to calm down, and yours is... Talking.

Alan: Talking too much or too little?

Mason: Whichever one is more convenient for you at the time.

[Alan looked Mason in the eyes before sighing.]

Alan: Something is bothering you.

Mason: What makes you say that?

Alan: Dude. I spent four months away from you because I thought you guys wouldn't take me back. If anyone can tell that there's something going on, it's me. I don't need AmpFibian's mind reading to know that. So, what is it?

Mason: It's not my thing to say.

[Alan nodded, signaling his understanding.]

Alan: Do you have anything of your own to say, then?

[Mason sighed then sat down, followed by Alan sitting next to him.]

Mason: You know I... never was really close with my family.

Alan: Yeah?

Mason: ...This whole Arachnichimp thing kind of liberated me. I've never had to worry about going back to my family, and these powers let me help you guys. It did take a while to get used to, but I'm sure you can relate.

Alan: Only to some extent. Our situations are pretty different considering I can transform back.

Mason: [sighs] Speaking of that...

Alan: Yeah?

Mason: The Agent said us becoming normal again was a fixed point in time. But he didn't say when, and he didn't say how. And I'm not sure which one is more important anymore.

[The two sat in contemplating silence before Alan spoke up.]

Alan: I don't think that when or how is important right now.

Mason: How do you mean?

Alan: It won't matter until that fixed point comes. Until then... The most important thing is we do the best with the powers we've been given.

Mason: Since when did you get so wise?

Alan: [chuckles and smirks] Since I lost my powers in Earth-ERTH. [groans and gets up] Alright, come on.

[Alan proceeded to get into a fighting stance, with Mason getting up and giving him an inquisitive look.]

Mason: You're gonna fight as human?

Alan: I may as well.

[Mason's look changed to a smirk as he began sparring with Alan.]

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