Character Short: Alexis Dwyer
CS Alexis Dwyer
Episode information
Release date July 8, 2020
Number 3
Writer(s) Alanomaly
Previous Mason Babadzhanov
Next Jessica Nietzsche
Other information
Character Debuts Sassa Frass
Mel Krasi
Character Short: Alexis Dwyer is the third character short of The Alan 10 Adventures.


[The scene opened up in a pub lit up by dim, yellow lights. The patrons seemed to be human, though only in appearance as it was actually a neutral territory area for Fæ. There was a small pool area which housed a few mermaids which flirted with other patrons. The pub had a stage on which a siren was performing a song. A centaur and cylcops had an arm wrestling contest which resulted in the cylcops winning and their table breaking. At the bar sat Alexis who winced as she took down a shot.]

Alexis: Where the hell do you get this stuff, Mel?

[Alexis spoke to the bartender who was an older man in a white button up shirt, black pants and tie, and green vest. He had short hair and no facial hair.]

Mel: I make it.

Alexis: You're kidding.

Mel: Nope. I'm a direct descendent of Dionysus, the god of wine.

Alexis: Oh, yeah? And what kind of Fæ does that make you?

Mel: Typically descendents of gods who have the powers of said gods are just named after them. So that would make me Mel the Dionysus.

Aleixs: So... Are they actually gods?

Mel: Culturally? Yes. Technically? No. Just superpowerful Fæ.

[Mel refilled Alexis' glass as she took the shot, only for a fairskinned woman with platinum blonde hair and green eyes to approach and sit next to her, wearing dark grey skinny jeans, white stilettos, and a silver jacket over a deep cut red shirt.]

Mel: Watch yourself, Sassa. This one's a Succubus.

Sassa: Ooh, kinky.

[Sassa gave Alexis a wink, prompting her to blush and take another shot.]

Alexis: So... What kind of Fæ are you?

Sassa: A Valkyrie. Got a name, Succubus?

[Alexis glanced over at Mel who gave her a friendly nod.]

Alexis: Alexis. So, this might be a neutral territory for Fæ, but I'm curious. Which side are you?

[Sassa gave Alexis a smirk, getting close and whispering in her ear.]

Sassa: ...Dark. [gently bites Alexis' ear as she comes back] How about you?

[Alexis stared back at Sassa for a moment, cheeks still red. The scene cut to the two of them lying in a royal looking bed, Sassa laying on top of Alexis.]

Sassa: And here I thought the Succubi were tops.

[Alexis bit her lip as Sassa leaned down to kiss her. The scene cut to a few hours later, Alexis' phone on the bedside table and beginning to vibrate as Alan's name and a red hourglass appeared on it from him calling. Alexis reached over and clicked the red button, then took her attention back to Sassa as the two lay under the covers.]

Sassa: That was... interesting. Never had a Succubus before.

Alexis: I've never had another Fæ before.

[The two smiled and kissed before pulling the cover over them and going back to business again.]


  • Alexis Dwyer
  • Sassa Frass (debut)
  • Mel Krasi (debut)

Species of Fæ

  • Mermaid
  • Satyr
  • Siren
  • Centaur
  • Cyclops
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