Bloodstream Official

Deoxygenated Bloodstream

General Information
Species Sanguiscat
Planet Celluglobe
Body Type Humanoid
Dragon Name Sosbuldrath
Powers Hemokinesis
Limited Shapeshifting
Deoxygenated Form
Fourth Wall Awareness
Weaknesses TBA
Debut Alan 10
Icon Bloodstream Icon 2

Bloodstream is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Sanguiscat from Celluglobe.


Bloodstream is a red humanoid figure. His head, torso, and legs (save for his feet) are covered in black armor, with red patches of blood scabs on his upper chest, abs, thighs, and calves. The armor also has iron around the neck, lower chest, sides, knees, and ankles. His arms are shiny and red, with three globs sticking out of his elbows, and two out of his shoulders. He has three-fingered hands. His feet are similar to Goop's, but have visible blood cells in them. He has two globs on his shoulders, similar to Way Big's shoulder blades, also with visible blood cells. His "mouth" is actually five slits in the armor on his head. He wears the Simplicitrix symbol on his forehead.

When deoxygenated, Bloodstream's blood and armor turn blue.


  • Bloodstream's official pose suggests he has the ability of limited shapeshifting.
  • Bloodstream has blood control. This extends even to himself, as Alan can use Bloodstream to regulate his own blood flow.
  • Due to Alan's abilities, Bloodstream has the ability of fourth wall awareness.




Episode Title Usage Used By Times Used Other
Alan 10 Bloodstream debuted in Alan 10 when the Agent turned Alan into him to get his blood flowing normally again. Alan Nomaly 1 This was Bloodstream's debut episode.
Magnetic Personality Bloodstream unintentionally cameoed when the Simplicitrix was used too early after Alan spent most of the episode trapped as Lodestar. Alan Nomaly 1 This was an unintentional cameo.


Season 2


Dragon Name

Bloodstream's dragon name is Sosbuldrath, which can be broken up into, "sos buld rath," meaning blood form river.


  • Bloodstream's species name comes from the Latin words, "sanguinem," meaning blood, and "concrescat," meaning clot.
  • Bloodstream's planet name comes from the Latin word, "cellulae," meaning cell, the word "hemaglobin," referring to the protein that transfers oxygen in the body, and the word "globe," referring to a planet.



  • Bloodstream was originally intended to just be a blob of blood. This was then changed to his current design, and the blob design is used for baby Sanguiscats. His current design is based on an old idea for Ultimate Bloodstream.
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