Alexis Dwyer

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General Information
Full Name Alexis Dwyer
Nicknames Succubitch
Status Alive
Born March 30, 1999
Occupation Hero
Tacopolis Employee (Formerly)
Alignment Good
Species Succubus
Planet Earth
Hair Color Black w/ White Streak
Eye Color Brown
Powers Sexual Inducement
Succubus Physiology
Chi Absorption
Age Immortality
Healing via Chi Absorption
Voice Actor Tara Strong

Alexis Dwyer is a main character in The Alan 10 Adventures. She is voiced by Tara Strong. She is a Succubus (also known as a Femisexisapien) from Earth.

In season one, Alexis is sixteen. For the first half of season two, Alexis is seventeen, and is eightteen during the second half.


Alexis has brown eyes, and black hair with a white streak in the front. She wears a black tank top with a purple undershirt, a dark purple skirt, and leggings that are black on her right leg, and purple on her left leg. She wears leather boots. When she uses her powers, her eyes turn blue.


Alexis' personality is similar to Alan's in terms of sarcasm and humor, although Alexis seems to distaste the puns Alan makes. She has been shown to be tricky, using her Succubus needs to trick Alan into a trap, as well as teasing, both teasing Alan for helping her with feeding and for having feelings for Jessica. She also seems to be cautious about Alan using many of his more powerful forms, such as Un-Named.


  • Alexis is a Succubus, which gives her several powers:
    • She has the ability to sexually induce others.
    • Her Succubus physiology allows her to be much more durable than humans, as displayed in Darama Drama.
    • Alexis feeds on life energy, usually obtained through sexual intercourse, although it can be obtained in other ways. This is known as chi absorption.
    • Due to her Succubus physiology, she is unable to die of age.
    • Most of her minor wounds can be healed through absorbing chi.
  • As displayed in The Smell of Victory is Sweet, she is immune to gases and pheromones that affect humans.


  • As displayed in Five Nights at Tacopolis, she will weaken if she goes without feeding for quite some time. It is unknown how long she can go without it, although she seemed to have lost strength within a day of not eating.
  • Despite being immune to dying of age, she can die of other means, such as decapitation or poisoning.


Alexis has appeared in every episode of The Alan 10 Adventures to date.


  • The streak in her hair is similar to that of Rogue's from Marvel comics.
  • The coloration of her outfit is similar to that of Sunny Tennyson from the Ben 10 franchise.
  • Her species, powers, and eye colors are based on Bo Dennis from Lost Girl.
  • Tara Strong was chosen as her voice actor due to Strong having been the voice of Harley Quinn from DC.
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