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Alan Nomaly RWBYA

General Information
Full Name Alan Nagelfar Nomaly
Nicknames Ally (by Jessica)
Brother (by Richard)
Mr. Super-Penis (by Alexis)
Status Alive
Born May 11, 1999
Occupation Hero
Tacopolis Employee (Formerly)
Alignment Good
Species Human
Planet Earth
Hair Color Brown
Green (Dyed)
Eye Color Brown
Powers Transformation via Simplicitrix
Enhanced Sexual Dexterity
Strong Life Energy
Fourth Wall Awareness
Skyrim Powers (Skyrim Only)
Enhanced Reflexes
Animal Manipulation
Salem's Powers (Temporarily)
Fall Maiden Powers (Temporarily)
Weaknesses Rash Decisions
Low Durability
Anger Issues
Semblance Running Low
Corrupted DNA
Equipment Stabilized Simplicitrix
Simplicitrix (formerly)
Voice Actor Nolan North
Debut The Start of a New Adventure
Alan Nomaly is the main character of The Alan 10 Adventures, and debuted in The Start of a New Adventure. He is voiced by Nolan North.

In season one, Alan is sixteen. For the first half of season two, Alan is seventeen, and is eightteen during the second half.


In Season 1, Alan has dark brown hair, eyes, and sideburns. He wears black pants with red highlights and a black hoodie which has red details and highlights. He wears brown cowboy boots. He used to wear the Simplicitrix on his right wrist. He also wears black glasses.

Alan's hair became longer throughout Season 1, and was dyed green in Alan 10.

As of RWBYA, Alan no longer wears the Simplicitrix, as it was destroyed.

Starting in RWBYA Part 3, Alan now wears a button up, dark grey shirt, which has two buttons undone at the top, and the bottom of it is not tucked in. He wears black pants that have grey straps and golden buckles. His cowboy boots now have golden spurs. He wears a black, double crested jacket with a red interior, and the sleeves rolled up once. The jacket has the Simplicitrix symbol embroidered on the back. He wears a strap around his torso which holds Raijin on his back. By the end, Alan wore the Stabilized Simplicitrix on his right arm.


Season 1

Alan 10

Season 2

  • In The Annihilators Part 1, Alan used Fasttrack to speed to the Annihilators right before the end of the episode.
  • In The Annihilators Part 2, Alan and his friends fought the Annihilators. Midway through the fight, Alan accidentally transformed into Mad Hatter when attempting to go NRG. When in this form, he accidentally gave himself and Jessica mercury poisoning, and then used Rabbiture to make a quick escape. He then used Ouroborosaurus to heal both of them. After finding out the Annihilators were coming for them, Alan started up the fight again. After his group was defeated, Alan was almost killed by Morpheus, who had a last-second change of heart. Alan threatened to use Un-Named against Starbeard again, almost proving Excambalir right. However, the situation was resolved by Morpheus himself. In this episode, he debuted the aliens:
  • In Faal Dovahkiin Bo, Alan uses Upgrade to merge with his gaming console to enhance Skyrim. When doing so, an electric blast from inside the game caused himself and Alexis to be pulled into the game, and thus Alan lost all his aliens. Every alien used allowed Alan to unlock more aliens. When in game, Alan defeated Lord Harkon, Alduin, and Miraak. After they left the game, they found out about Richard's attack on their friends, and Alan agreed to let them in on the training sessions.
  • In An Anurable Mission, Alan, using Blitzwulf, trained with Devin and Mason, but lost control. He later lost control when using Snare-Oh to bind Vapor. Alan didn't know what was happening aside from knowing it only happened when he transformed. Alexis transformed Alan into Whampire, who almost instantly lost control, then left, flying off to a cave. When flying, the force controlling Alan revealed itself as Pride. When at the cave, Pride was followed by Alan's friends, who he then attacked. While they were fighting, Vapor and Phazz showed up. Pride got tired of the situation and transformed into Frankenstrike to fight them. When transformed back, Alan had control again, but Pride was still in his mind. Alan then transformed into Ghostfreak, who Pride instantly controlled, and then defeated the villains. Pride was in control when Alan turned back, but was easily defeated by Alexis. In this episode, he debuted the aliens:


In RWBYA Part 1, Alan fought against his brother Richard, only for the latter to trick him into using specific aliens so he could kidnap him. Once kidnapped, Richard utilized Blamurai's sword with Negative Clockwork's time beams to open up a portal to Earth-ERTH. Once there, the two fought as Mongilla and Negative Way Big, causing a blast that sent them flying miles in opposite directions. Alan was flung into the ocean and turned into Ripjaws, where he swam and ended up finding himself in the train station of Mistral, and snuck onto a train. That train is where he met Team RWBY, Team JNR, Oscar Pine, Qrow Branwen, and Professor Ozpin. Using his powers, he helped protect the train from the dangerous Grimm, getting to the city Argus safely. When in Argus, Alan determined it was best to join forces with Team RWBY. In this episode, Alan debuted the aliens:

In RWBYA Part 2, Alan learned about the Fall of Beacon and the death of Pyrrha Nikos. Later, he helped with Jaune Arc's plan to steal an Atlesian Ship by utilizing Clockwork. On the way there, he had Pride discover what Professor Ozpin was hiding from the group, then went to sleep to discuss with Pride what all he new of the Sin Aliens. When the group landed in Mantle, the city underneath Atlas, Alan thought up a plan to get the group up to Atlas, and used Upgrade to merge with the weapons of Team RWBY to fight some invading Grimm. He then utilized a series of aliens to take the suits of some Atlesian guards to infiltrate them and get up to Atlas under the guise of returning Weiss home. Once the Relic of Creation was obtained, Alan utilized Intimachi to get Weiss out of the manor. After protecting the ship from crashing completely as Lodestar, Alan ran off and found the Crucible, Salem's palace. He, along with Team JNR, was ambushed by Tyrian, Arthur, and Hazel. Getting away from them, Alan challenged Salem, which resulted in his defeat several times. The Simplicitrix was damaged in battle, then destroyed by Salem. Ruby saved Alan from falling to his death, and brought him back to the other heroes. While regrouping, Alan lashed out at the optimistic Ruby, and revealed the destruction of the Simplicitrix to the group. Despite the dark future ahead of them, Alan was given some glimmer of hope by Ruby continuing to be optimistic about defeating Salem and returning him home. In this episode, Alan debuted the aliens:

During Merry CRSMS, Alan fell into depression over the loss of the Simplicitrix, but was still able to help in protecting the trains from the Grimm, both in getting citizens from the back cars, as well as determining that the deity within the Relic of Creation was named Ginnungagap who created a shield around the trains at Alan's command. Shortly after arriving in Vacuo, Team RWBY got Alan the weapon Raijin as a Christmas present, as well as to help him defend himself now that he was without the Simplicitrix. During the Christmas dinner, Alan discussed some of his aliens with Teams CFVY and SSSN, and shortly after suffered a panic attack from the PTSD of Salem, causing him to climb under the table where he was consoled by Yang. During the dance, Alan was called outside by a faint whisper, which was determined to be his friends communicating with him through holograms, which Alan initially thought was him having hallucinations. During the conversation, Alan's mind determined that if all else fails, the logical decision would be to kill Richard and take his Simplicitrix to get home, which everyone else more logically determined was not the right thing to do, even with Alan's plea about having killed before. This determination to justify killing hurt his relationship with his friends, and in particular Jessica. This caused Alan's depression to worsen and his self value to fall. At the request of the Agent, Weiss stayed to comfort Alan and then slow danced with him to help take his mind off things.

In RWBYA Part 3, Alan continued in his depressed state, though attempting small bouts of humor to cover it. He also continued to suffer from his PTSD, having another flashback and almost falling off the boat on its way back to the Crucible, only to be kept aboard by Yang who had another heart to heart with him. Eventually, however, Alan did fall off the boat, and was almost eaten by a giant Grimm, only for him to learn that he had the Semblance to manipulate animals (which could be amiplified by Jaune to the point of manipulating humans), and he dubbed the Grimm "GrimmZilla." Alan and GrimmZilla stormed the Crucible, only to find it devoid of life. Meeting the others outside the front door, Alan was overcome with guilt by seeing Hazel's lifeless body from his actions. Storming off, Alan's guilt was replaced with grief when he found the pieces of the Simplicitrix left over from when it was destroyed. Blake and Yang attempted to convince him it was gone, only for Clockwork to show up from the future (or past depending on how it's viewed), and send the three to the past where Alan was able to get the Simplicitrix rebuilt by Pyrrha Nikos prior to her death, and then become Clockwork so that he could complete the bootstrap paradox, as well as to learn that Richard used Atomix to defeat Salem as well as her lackeys and take them to Beacon Academy, where the group headed right after.

Alan fought Richard while the others stormed the academy, only to be defeated by the latter as Ultimate Way Big, who got rid of all the heroes except for Winter Schnee, Oscar Pine, and Radiant Sun. Retreating, Alan became Rath in an attempt to let out his anger, only to be knocked down by Yang yelling at him for his petty anger. Transforming back, Alan found that his arm was still Rath's, and then he unintentionally used several alien powers before becoming Feedback after falling on the ground, and determined that this was due to the context surrounding the rebuilding of the Simplicitrix. After some discussion, it was determined Alan would go with Blake and Yang to get Raven Branwen, the Spring Maiden, which lead to Alan using Clockwork to "quantum leap" back into his past self so he could obtain Yang's bike Bumblebee and use Upgrade to merge with it.

After a speedy trip, the three found themselves at the Branwen Tribe, which had been ransacked. This was revealed to be the doing of Adam Taurus, the former leader of the White Fang. Believing Adam to be an easy target, Alan didn't utilize the Simplicitrix and attempted to just use Raijin, which resulted in Adam easily incapacitating him and kicking his face, causing his glasses to shatter into his left eye. Alan became Humungousaur in an attempt to heal himself through a transformation, which seemed to not work due to the Simplicitrix's damages; he then went to become a new transformation only for Adam to throw his sword into Humungousaur's hand, then violently pull it out before Alan became human again. The sword was later plunged through Blake when she got in its way to keep it from getting to Alan, who then became Ouroborosaurus to heal her then himself. Ouroborosaurus attacked Adam and went back to human just before the latter got back up and used his sword to decapitate Alan, which proved to only last for a few moments, as he used Ouroborosaurus' powers to heal this. He then used a myriad of powers to attack Adam relentlessly, only pausing to greet Raven who had shown up. Rath's anger eventually took over Alan as he rushed an already dying Adam and used the alien's claws to kill Adam. The rage leaving, Alan was overwhelmed with the guilt of killing Adam and rushed away from Blake, Yang, and Raven.

Alan eventually found himself back at Beacon Academy, where he was approached by Sun Wukong, but then ran from him to run up to the top of the tower, finding Cinder with the power of Salem, along with Richard, Mercury, Emerald, and Neo. Alan and Richard enganged in a fight before the former proceeded to kill Mercury and Emerald, claiming himself to not be "a hero." Neo then used her Semblance to look like Alexis and Jessica which worked until Alan killed her, only to be knocked off the tower of Beacon by Richard as Four Arms. Falling to the ground, Alan met back up with Teams SSSN and CFVY, and GrimmZilla, just before the arrival of Team RWBY, Ren, and Nora through one of Raven's portals. Their reunion was interrupted by Salem, in her human form, approaching. Alan initially attempted to kill her, but was stopped by the return of Pride who took over before he could do so. Pride then let Salem escape, which angered Alan, but Pride quickly put him in his place by remarking that Jessica was "leaving."

With the arrival of reinforcements, Alan insisted on joining the group inside Beacon, but Weiss convinced him that the only person who could take down Richard and Cinder was him. Conceding, Alan headed back up to fight them, primarily Richard, who was reluctant to fight back. During the fight, Richard exploded a building, flinging Alan up into the air, only to be saved by Velvet Scarlatina who was using a hard light copy of Jetray with her copied Simplicitrix. At Alan's request, Velvet took him to Penny Polendina with whom he merged with using Upgrade. Pennygrade combated Richard, which resulted in the tower of Beacon collapsing, and the two of them rushing inside the building to be sure that their friends were safe. Penny forced Alan off of her when he attempted to leave Arthur and Tyrian for dead, which caused Alan to reluctantly help to allow her and the villains to escape, which resulted in the room collapsing on him.

Alan later dug out of the ground, interrupting a fight between Richard and Cinder. Cinder swatted away Richard and then attempted to kill Alan, being cut off from properly doing so by Richard as Overflow. Believing Alan to have possibly died, Richard ended up meeting with Pride who took over again. The two conversed for a bit about The Sin Aliens before Alan took control again and blasted Richard away. Going to continue his attack, Alan was caught off by Cinder grabbing his shoulder. Responding to her claim of wanting his power, Alan forced her to absorb the powers of several aliens before becoming Antidisintegratematerialism and blowing up one half of her. She was clinging to life before Alan became human again and then used Feedback's powers to absorb both the power of the Fall Maiden and the power of Salem out of Cinder and expelling it, causing Cinder to die. Richard congratulated Alan's achievement, only to find himself with Blamurai's sword in his chest. Before Richard could transform to heal himself, Alan broke his Simplicitrix, similar to how Salem did his own, and left him for dead. Regrouping with the others, Alan collapsed from exhaustion.

Alan woke up about two days later in the Xiao Long-Rose household and walked outside, meeting the others for lunch, devouring several sandwiches. During this, the Simplicitrix broke again due to the stress put on it during the final fight (and also because Alan snapped with the wrong hand; had he snapped with his left hand, the Simplicitrix wouldn't have broken so soon.) However, Alan's human DNA was still altered, thus he was able to use alien powers without it, though unstable. Using what pieces he had, as well as scraps from the garage, Alan used Lodestar, Upgrade, and several intelligent aliens to rebuild the Simplicitrix into the Stabilized Simplicitrix. One of his earliest actions with the new device was snapping to revive Pyrrha. He then opened a portal back to his own universe, and initially stalled going back home, but was forced by Weiss using her glyphs to throw him through the portal.

Returning to his own universe, Alan saw his home and went to enter, but got scared, becoming invisible as his friends exited the house. He waited until they drove off, then he ran away.

Alan debuted the following aliens in this chapter:

Credits Scenes

In the first credits scene of RWBYA, Alan tried out each of Team RWBY's weapons, finding himself okay with Ember Celica, mesmerized by Myrtenaster, completely befuddled by Gambol Shroud, and unable to lift Crescent Rose.

In the second credits scene, Alan used Spidermonkey to fly on the top of the Atlas airship, Wolfaestus for some unknown reason while sleeping, and remained human while piloting the ship upside down.

In the third credits scene, Alan used 6SixSicks for some unknown reason, which resulted in him attacking and murdering a family in the middle of the night.

In the fourth credits scene, Alan babysat Adrian Cotta-Arc, using some of his aliens to keep him entertained.

In the fifth credits scene, Alan parodied that Spider-Man moment while getting his new outfit. Come on. You know the one.

In the credits scenes, Alan debuted the following aliens:


His personality is similar to that of Marvel superhero, Deadpool. This is shown through vulgarity, sarcasm, puns, self aware comparisons, and fourth wall breaks. As is shown in Five Nights at Tacopolis and A Scientific Fæble, he is highly protective of the people he cares about. Alan's true anger was made clear when he snapped at Ruby Rose, angered by her optimism after the Simplicitrix is destroyed. He was even able to force Yang out of her own fit of anger when she became protective over Ruby when Alan snapped at her. As of Mery CRSMS, Alan's personality did a complete turnaround, his confidence and cockiness dwindling. He also started suffering from panic attacks and flashbacks to Salem destroying the Simplicitrix. His mind also caused him to think killing was justified.


  • Alan's main power, via the Simplicitrix, is being able to transform into one of many aliens. He no longer has this power, as the Simplicitrix was destroyed by Salem.
    • The Simplicitrix was later rebuilt though the context of this caused the alien DNA to leak into his human form, and allow him to use his powers without transforming. This was unstable, however, and Alan rebuilt the Simplicitrix as the Stabilized Simplicitrix to keep his human form normal.
  • Alan has extreme sexual dexterity, as displayed by the fact Alexis can absorb his chi, or life energy, without killing him. This also implies he has a strong life force.
  • Alan has the ability of fourth wall awareness. This allows him to acknowledge and talk to the audience, pause the show, move forwards or backwards in the show, and has even allowed him to talk on the wiki itself.
  • When in Skyrim in Faal Dovahkiin Bo, Alan had the powers of his Skyrim profile:
    • Alan had the ability to use the Voice, allowing him to use shouts to fight enemies.
    • Alan had the ability to transform into a Vampire Lord, being his only transformation without the use of the Simplicitrix.
    • Alan had excellent archery skills due to his profile's experience.
  • Alan now wields a trident known as Raijin. Raijin has a certain amount of electricity stored within it, which can be used for basic electrical attacks, and can also be mixed with the moisture in the air for hydroelectric attacks. A button on the back of Raijin lets the prongs open up to show gun barrels, and the head of the weapon spins while firing.
  • Alan has shown enhanced reflexes as a human, catching Yang's arm when she was about to hit him, even with him being in a fit of depression.
  • Due to spending time in Earth-ERTH, Alan gained an Aura. An Aura is an aspect of one's soul that acts as an energy source, giving them effectively a force field around their bodies as well as a special power, known as a Semblance, activated when under duress. In the case of Alan, he unlocked his Semblance when he was almost eaten by a giant Grimm, which fell under Alan's command unintentionally when he put his hand out to stop it from getting closer. He then dubbed this Grimm "GrimmZilla" due to its resemblance to a Kaiju such as Godzilla or Zilla.
  • Alan temporarily had the powers of Salem and the Fall Maiden when absorbing them from Cinder, but had to immediately expel them as they were overpowering him. Even if he was able to keep the powers, he wouldn't have been able to use them, or at least not the Fall Maiden's powers.


  • Alan's protective nature can lead him to rash decisions.
  • Being that he is human, he has low durability, especially in comparison to Alexis, who is much more durable due to her Succubus physiology.
  • Alan's anger can get the better of him.
  • Alan now suffers from flashbacks and panic attacks from Salem destroying the Simplicitrix.
  • Alan's Aura can run out of he uses his Semblance for too long or if he takes too much damage.
  • If the Stabilized Simplicitrix is removed, Alan's human DNA will corrupt with the DNA already merged with it.


Alan has appeared in every episode of The Alan 10 Adventures to date.



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